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Q & A about ISIS

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Is it possible to defeat the ISIS?

Given the amount of forces on the ground, there is no doubt that a military defeat is inevitable. The recent setbacks suffered by Daesh confirm that. The Islamic state has survived exploiting the growing dissent between those...


Over ten thousand victims, 32 thousand wounded, three million IDPs and an impressive series of systematic human rights violations. Yemen is presently a country split in three parts, each ruled by a different entity: the Houthi rebels supported by ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a so-called “legitimate” president in exile, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, and AQIP, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula...



Immigration is a business where the bargaining chip, the product of the transaction or the client is a human being. It is a business that moves large amounts of money and many interests. There are those who direct the business from an office in Sudan, those who transport, via ground and sea, those who recruit and those who provide a hiding place for the migrants. A business worth roughly 12 billion, according to the IOM (International Organization for Migration) and one that offers employment opportunities in several nations if one is willing to take part in this illegal activity. The immigration business often benefits from the work of the poor who survive by exploiting the misfortunes of other poor...