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Invisible Dog

Invisible Dog is an independent group of journalists based in Rome, Italy, directed by journalists Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano

We work with both print and video to inform our readers/viewers on matters that are usually not discussed in the mainstream media.

The print part of our project appears on a monthly basis on the "Frontpage" part of the site. In it we discuss international issues concerning politics, security and intelligence. Among our contributors are specialists that write from a priviledged point of view about the hottest issues around the globe. In the "Archives" section you can browse the PDF version of past issues.

The video part of our project comprises investigative reports that we write, shoot and edit for some of the most important media organizations around the globe. You can see some of our works by surfing the "Video" part of the website. In time we will try to post all of our works.

Finally, the "Dog Leaks" section of the site is a collection of documents that we have gathered during our investigative work. They constitute the hard evidence behind the stories we tell and can be a very interesting read. Most of them are exclusive documents provided only by Invisible Dog.  We will strive to publish as many docs as is possible on the site.

You can get in touch with us at the following e-mail address:

INVISIBLE DOG - Editor-in-chief: Alessandro Righi