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Invisible Dog is an independent portal/publisher/producer based in Rome, Italy, directed by journalists Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano. Invisible Dog works with both print and video to inform our public on matters that are hard to come by in the mainstream media.

The invisible-dog.com website:

The web-based part of our project is comprised of articles - in English and Italian language - that are published on a monthly basis on the "Frontpage" of this website. They deal with issues concerning politics, security and intelligence. Among our contributors are specialists that write from a privileged point of view about the hottest issues around the globe. The articles are usually not signed to safeguard the identity of our contributors and the confidentiality of their sources. The directors bear the responsibility for what appears on the website in full.

In the "Archives" section one can browse the pdf version of past issues and download them in a format that is comfortable for off-line reading.

Our video productions:

Invisible Dog produces investigative reports that we write, shoot and edit for some of the most important media organizations around the globe. Some of these can be seen in the "Video" section of our website.

The docs:

Finally, the "Dog Leaks" section of the site is a collection of documents that we have gathered during our investigative work. They constitute the hard evidence behind the stories we tell and can make for a very interesting read when coupled with their written or filmed counterpart. Most of the documents that appear in the Dog Leaks section of this website are exclusive and provided only by Invisible Dog.

The books:

In addition to the website and video, Invisible Dog has tackled for the first time in 2014 the task of publishing a book. Our first title was Kelong Kings, confessions of the world's most prolific match-fixer. The book was hailed by international media as being the key to opening the global Pandora's Box of fraud in football (soccer).

The authors of the articles, producers of the video reports and publishers of Invisible Dog Classic books can be contacted at the e-mail address below:


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